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To arrive at a fair line rate for each customer, numerous factors such as volume, turnaround time, complexity and formatting requirements will be taken into consideration.

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The fast and cost-effective turnaround of medical reports is a major consideration for any healthcare enterprise. Our WinScribe digital dictation solution allows you to benefit from dramatic cost savings and workflow improvements by offering you a variety of choices. Whether you are on the move between different sites, or you are dictating straight from your desk we offer several dictation methods to accommodate any doctor and minimize lost productivity. Learn more about Toggle's dictation options.
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Toggle is staffed with teams of carefully selected medical transcriptionists who create your documents with a passion for quality. We provide a comprehensive transcription solution, utilizing advanced industry technologies, integrated business processes and personalized customer service. Learn more.
Toggle understands your need to have access to your information when and where you need it 24/7/365. That's why our systems are available online to our clients any time of the day or night.  Click here to learn more.
Our pricing model provides a cost savings up to 33%. Click here to learn more.

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